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Kindra Jackson has the word “kind” in her name for a reason.  Her heart for education and passion for teaching children have fueled her success as a business owner and educator for  nearly 25 years.  Kindra believes that children need opportunities to explore, play and soak up knowledge that is put before them.  She provides them with lessons that develop reasoning skills, critical thinking and resourcefulness.  Kindra states that her job is a joy that she looks forward to every day.


   K’s Precious Care has a staff that is personally trained by the founder.  Although they have a lot  of fun, they also know that Kindra runs a tight ship.  This is necessary for the safety and enjoyment of all.  During the onset of COVID 19 pandemic, Kindra kept the doors of her daycare open for the children of first responders.  She worked with law-makers and government officials to secure service and safety for her staff and for the children in their care.  Kindra works diligently to continue her own education in the areas of business and curriculum.  


   Kindra is known to her friends and family members as a woman who is driven, committed, and one who truly loves children.  She continues to think outside the box which keeps things exciting and new at K’s Precious Care.  She will tell anyone “Children are teachable and trainable.  It takes patients, kindness, humor and dedication to teach. The reward is so great because the children are so precious.”

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